I'm tired how girls being put into secondary positions

Women being victimized

just 'cause men get circumcised

How can you believe we weak

when strength is in our antique

We bleed for a week

I call it the Holy Week

So to speak

We not just angelic by physique

I am even more than just cute petite

I’m the higher blood I'm the higher nature

I’m covered in womb energy I was born postmature

Sometimes you men don’t want to admit

that you really got hurt

when you puzzling soft words to flirt

but in the end couldn’t make her squirt

So now you be talking tuff

and that’s just some complexional stuff

The story of a good girl gone bad

Yeah I know it’s sad

but that’s on my side how things got me mad

some even has to do with my dad

Take it easy they said

Take it easy

Don’t act uncool

Don’t be a fool

There is a certain strategical tool

They never call you back

when you say "I love you, Jack"

So as soon as I get that kitty explode

I be the one who "hits the road"

What you mean with getting blowed ?

I don’t care about your load

I'm too busy

I am the master of my fate I am the captain of the boat

Thinking that’s how I can make him mine

But didn’t count the effects on my own line

You know in every petit mort

there is actually a killing

In every love affaire

there is actually a winning

In every sexy time

there is actually a criminal thrilling

The one who first gets up

and shuts the door

is the one who makes that decisive score

What a pity that I'm such a competitor

Yeah, a real majestic anti couple goal progenitor

I'm really passionate about not to make you passionate

Bow down and obey this very last supper

The grail your drinking from: v-shaped and sacred

Worship every bite, every taste, its my very own flesh and blood, motherfucker

I ride your dick real good and suddenly stop to make you edge

until you come up with a satisficing ultimative pledge

Look at your face now

I let you call me your bitch

but you the one who got snitched now

It's okay boy you don’t have to play Holmes

You leave with moves like it's some reverse robbery

Tryna don’t wake me up as you get out ma crib silently

Funny how you think you sneaked out so properly

As if it would really even bother me

Nah it doesn't even bother me

My eyes are closed but my mind is wide awake

I could make your embarassment glow in the morning sun

Fuck it, I'm even more happily single after I had you hun

You can go this time, you can be the number one

It's like

letting a young kid win

to built up his ego

after they cut off his foreskin

That's why I let you go

A life lesson, I'm teaching you to be a man

Be also thankful for every betrayer

That's how fuckboys made me a player

In my characteristics that's the strongest layer

I was so innocent and so little

Moral values, today an antimoral terrorist

Vacuum devices on my clitoris

If you have some deeper existential crisis

Better not to follow this habibi, I’m against isis

Taught myself how to be the mayor

Don’t even call me if you’re a longer stayer

When it comes to trash I'm not a real keeper

Can't say goodbye but I still give you my conscious prayer

Dave call us the ungrateful breed

"These girls always want something more"

But I am different

A girl who lost things

but is not even looking for

Don’t put me on the spot

I used to be submissive

but now I'm not

He told me he needs to go

I told him to move

The job is done

I don’t want to be disrespectful

I called you my King

but your worth to me is none

If the bedroom is the jungle I'm the only arslan here

It's not a flex, I'm only trying to be sincere

Some of you boys are my cheapest toys

The ones that's been overused

for my real survival excuse

Another procrastinational abuse

I put the biological clock on eternal snooze

My head is full of other things

I got a lot of love to give

but even more shit to do

It haven’t been easy to be standing on my own feet

I have some crazy futuristic visions to feed

These men fantasize about a dolly that’s on need

Nah man, I’m different

I don’t say I’m cold

I don’t say it's painless

I'm not a hopeless romantic

but matter of fact I’m hopeless

Still I rather cry to my pillow

Than to wake up next to a stupid fellow

I don't really know you, you want to built a family

Messing up my sleep and getting all weighty

Having no babies is not a maybe its safety

It's not about if you want to marry

It's about if you want to be someone’s future widow

If you want to mean it when you say loyalty

You called me a selfish

but even in the ocean I'm the biggest fish

while you be drowning in every little lake

trusting every other snake

An aquawoman, I learned to swim, I feel safe in the salty water

Haven't been raised by my own damn father

Waiting on the window pane for him to come home

with tears in my big brown baby eyes

That's where I know the salty water from

Got to found out a lot about La Familia lies

Escaped from window pane thru window pain

Don't make me want all of this again

Forgiving is a lost, it's not a peaceful gain

Don’t think that some day I have spaces in my heart

that make me believe this is settlement from the start

Nah man, I'm truly very sorry

I never be your wifey

A virgin and a holy

that's only Mary

I don’t dream of kids, I swallow the slut candy

The numbers in my phone are just too many

That's not a secret, it’s just not your business

Every domestic mistress has her very own sickness

Don’t be broken take this very manly

Even Jesus fell for a prostitute very badly

There's less of everything when you want a partner

Get used to a real woman's power

The one that makes you cry under the shower

washing out the shame

Boy are you even from your own mother

Are you even the same ?

'cause I see you sobbing on a whore's chest

That's how far you go from being the best

You thought it's an easy game but it's chess

Hypnotized by the pussy you couldn’t even pass the test

Still licking on nipples like on your momma's breast

Wanting to tap those asscheeks made you my next show guest

But Super Mario couldn't save the beautiful princess

It's a whore house it's not a Nintendo fortress

Jumped off in the first level, game over and so is the fest

Can you please call a cab, just a polite request

Nah this ain't no desperate feminist flow

I just want some of you wankers know

Male rappers talk about having commitment issues

and end up asking for some more tissues

It's just lyrical bla bla bla

It's just a fake masculine persona publica

A comedy even sad clowns laugh ha ha ha

Let's be real

I'm not gonna be your soulmate

in the grand finale

you only hear me saying "checkmate!"

The voice of a mysterious girl with insecurity

becomes the sound of a femme fatale dangerously

You want honesty

Let's be honest honestly

I have a life to live

Running out of time

Running on my own

The only place where’s ok to be alone

is on an iron throne

Today I may be the asshole but I'm grown

I don’t care if it's lonely on top

It was lonely on the bottom

The unfaithfulness in past relationships - I haven’t forgotten

Now you're my distractional behavior

to ease my mind before I get ready for my next failure

'cause I'm my very own great savior

If you wanna do me a favor

give me a momentum of that cock slut flavor

And go


Leave me alone doing my ting

It's a hard life yeah I know 'cause I learned it the hard way

The reason why I will never ever ask for anyone to stay

Things are complicated, difficult and complex

That's how you end up having simple living and random sex

Whatever whoever wherever

Careless emotionless

but most of all reckless

Life is hard

but I don’t need no guard

I don’t need no main man

I don’t play that card

I don’t believe in luck

You’re not the only dick I suck

'cause if dreams don’t come true

I'm gonna fuck and make 'em cum

to feel numb.