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Azelia Ophelia

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Waiting for the cleaning lady

Do you know this feeling of emptiness after a show When you come back home, put the gifted flowers in a vase and watch them wilt day by day You had forgotten to eat for a long time, now you feel all that hunger at once So you go to...


Look I'm tired how girls being put into secondary positions Women being victimized just 'cause men get circumcised How can you believe we weak when strength is in our antique We bleed for a week I call it the Holy Week So to speak We not just angelic by physique...

Happy Birthday

The day I was born my mom refused to hold me Didn’t even wanted to look once at the face of her baby Grandma took me then, carried me home 'cause I was so little Meanwhile, mommy entered the mental hospital On a wheelchair, unable to move, under major...