Love letter to the Advent

Dear Advent,

it is time to write you finally once again a love letter.

Oh how much I love you, you wonderful and contemplative time.

Every year you make me feel this indescribably beautiful magic together with you. All the wonderful traditions and rituals that have grown over the centuries. So many precious memories I associate with you, how often you caressed my soul with all your light, warmth, contemplation and smells. How cold and lackluster would all the days leading up to Christmas Eve have been without you. Without the curious glow in my eyes when opening the door of my Advent calendar, the joy of the snowflake dance, the building of the snowman, the crunching of the snow, the fun sledding, without the delicious smell of baking cookies, which already in childhood days radiated a familiar security, the fresh fir greenery, the Christmas decoration of the home, without all the wonderful lighting, the warmth, the charity, wide open hearts, without the lighting of the candles on the Advent wreath, the decorating of the Christmas tree, without the stately fir tree with many candles at the Christmas market, the many shining stars and candle arches in the windows, the Christmas crafts, the cozy get-togethers, the music making and concerts, the trombone choir, all the wonderful Christmas carols, the magic of fairy tale and Christmas movies (Feuerzangenbowle, White Christmas, Santa Claus and Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella), the angels of Christmas and the writing of Christmas mail.

When I walk through the city, you smell of mulled wine, punch, cinnamon, cloves and oranges, bratwurst, fire pot, goulash soup, candied apples, roasted almonds, gingerbread, (scented) soaps, incense candles, candle wax, the scent of fir trees, freshly baked bread and the seductive scent of the Dresden Christmas Stollen.

I love your very special character and I know myself intimately connected with many people in this world just in this time, because they love you as much as I do.

You awaken in a very special way in these weeks the longings, desires, heartfelt tenderness, shown appreciation, benevolence, mercy and turn off in some the paralyzing indifference, you awaken attention, strong feelings and compassionate mercy in the world. And how often you lovingly accompanied me in my childhood days through the sometimes impatiently waiting time for me and awakened the secret anticipation deep within me.

I love your very special sound and rhythm, because with you I can also perceive the quiet tones and voices very gently and feel this precious and grace-filled time deep within me.

I am infinitely grateful to you for this blessed time in which mindfulness plays a big role. Your indescribably beautiful glow of lights and the fact that I always find reasons to thank you, pray, marvel and pause are for me strong symbols that make you and it is for me a very special time in which heaven not only touches the earth, but also kisses it.

I love you!

Your admirer