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Daughter of time

Seen the sun horizon in the morning

Calm the breath between the lines and look

For her in brighter hand waving times.

The sun is smiling

Above the globes

And rose the heat


Pictures you have given

Unforgivin` what time is in the end of salt and sand

And through the tides

Freedom will never end

Between the fields we shine on

In green harmonies

Into conclusions

For truth

And disillusion


Wind sand



I´ve seen the daughter of time



For reflection

And i seen the world between

My ending lines

And the metaphysical past

Is giving through lunatic pages

In the hands of fate

Of god


I saw the daughter of time

In contacts between

The sides

And seen the world about her eyes

I´ve seen in my reflections

Some reaction

And i saw

Into the other side

Into my watereyes

The world is cracked in bites of seconds

Like thunder

For a moment my illusion is treat

Into the ghosts of dreaming time-machines

And god gave me a

Flashing sign

I saw the daughter of time!

aus einem psychedelic workshop:

see the rabbit run and follow!

go if you can into the shadow land with the golden snow

mushrooms that bright up the light

and see the children go into the silver harmony by night.

and see the trapped souls who fight

see the whispering birds

see the wars between the walls and might

come on and dance into my sight

it´s a golden snow that flows over the land

into the miracles of sand.

Paranoid and destroyed the watcher

Who smells into the dream of  purple magic.

Shine on the damaged faces

Into the miracle of high big small and lunatic places

in my head who are changing the voices of imaginations.

See me and you

see skies who will break through

see wise men and crystal ships.

Is this the end of  land

the silver harmony is killed

by the fight the purple wings

and the violence

the frightend men with acid eyes!

did they come right out of your minds?

Angeltrumpets and martyrs of delusions

Will break into the last conclusions:

Who are you stranger

i asked a little more into the storm of dangers.

shine on the damaged faces

into the miracle of high big small and lunatic places

changing the voices of imaginations.

Uwe Kraus 2002/2003

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